888 review


so i got my 888 a few weeks ago it plays realy smooth fits in my hand it has a nice wide gap it spins incredby long on hub stacks and gets a realy tight bind i can pull off about 3 25 secend tricks spins incredbly long it is may main yoyo and unlike my other yoyos i can unscrew axle by hand it is my faverite yoyo i would recomend this yoyo to anyone check out the my videos

(JackG) #2

yes an 888 is a great yoyo but try some z stacks on it
i have zstacks on my 888 and can get a 2:12 second spin time with hubstacks


Are you trying to kill people with that music?


its called turn your volume down


Don’t be hatin on Rise Against.


Rock/Metal FTW!

(Shisaki) #7

I hate metal…Rock FTW!