888x or Stryker

I’ve been thinking of getting one of these yoyos in the future, hopefully soonish when my job starts up again. I like that they’re both undersized, but I’m having some trouble deciding between the two of them. Anyone one with both have an opinion to share? Or, for that matter, anyone with one or the other have something to share.

I guess I should probably add some stuff about the yoyo’s I currently enjoy so yall might be able to tell me which of these yoyo’s have the qualities I like. The yoyo’s I mainly enjoy are my Genesis and my DV888. I have a Speeder and a Dark Magic but i dislike these, they just feel hollow to me and I don’t enjoy playing with them. I like the Genesis because of it’s shape and how solid it feels in my hand. I like to work that’s been put into the halves, if that makes any sense. My DV888 is just flat, whereas the Gensis has all these cool ridges and whatnot. Also, it may just be my imagination, but it seems like my Genesis sleeps longer and maintains it’s speed longer. I like the DV888 mainly because of it’s size, which is what I’m going after in my decision between the Stryker and 888x. Every yoyo I enjoy is a YYF, so I’d like change it up if the Stryker would be considered comparable.

I’d say go for the Stryker. I’m really pleased with the way it plays. While I haven’t played the 888x, I have played '07 and '08 888’s and I’d rather use my Stryker. Plus, you’ll probably have every chance in the world after this to get an 888x if you ever change your mind (they produce so many of them), but there probably won’t be nearly as many Strykers around.

Also, since you say you like the Genesis but also like how small the Dv888 is, the Stryker would pretty much be a perfect fit. It’s undersized but with an ever-so-slight H-shape that gives it that nice solid feel.

I love my 888x. I’ve used a stryker and I absolutely hate it. It feel like a block on the end of the string. It’s beautiful but IMO it doesn’t play well

I’ve played with them (don’t own them), and the 888x is better IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I was also thinking of the Crucial Half & Half because of it’s size, not too sure about Derlin though. In the past I’ve been unhappy with plastic yoyo’s that I’ve purchased.

I absolutely could not disagree more. I thought the looks of the Stryker weren’t that great but man does it play like a dream. Especially for 5a.
I’ve tried an 888x, don’t worry it’s nothing special. ;D

You’ll love the half and half!!! It’s incredible.

I know you said stryker but could I make another suggestion? The yuuksta is a smaller genesis in essence and carries the size of an 888. Personally I couldnt put it down other than to try out my yactor and markmont next I got today. Undersize, stable, COMFORTABLE shape, and cheaper than either the 888x and stryker. Also, check the stats/shape and compare the stryker and yuuksta, youll be surprised.

You should write a review of the markmont next :slight_smile:

The 888x does’t tread water next to the Stryker. The Stryker’s stability, spintime, and looks are far superior than the 888x imho. If I could only let you try both of them at once. Completely different performance.