888x for 5A

i’ve been seeing some people use a 888x for 5a so is the 888x good for 5a?

Any 1a yoyo will work fine for 5a.

They work fine for 5A. It’s better though when you take the hubstacks off though.

that is an opinion. personaly, i used to use my 888x without stacks for 1a, but i have a little trouble throwing with a CW, so i stacked it before using it for 5a.

Well usually people will throw differently when they’re throwing with a counterweight on the yo-yo, so it really depends. Try holding any yo-yo that way and see where your fingers/thumb are, then just judge based on if it looks like your hands will be comfortable holding the yo-yo that way, then get it.

I, personally recommend either the YYF Severe or YYF Genesis. In my opinion, they fit in my hand better (it’s not just my hand, they fit in many peoples’ hands very well). They’re overall great yo-yos, plus they cost less than the 888x.

But that’s just my opinion.

Agreed, enough said.

It also depends on the weight. I think the weight around the Superstar, Genesis, and Severe (09) and (10) all have the perfect weight for 5A and have the right feel in the hand and string.

I agree with jesse and i just ordered a genesis