Time for some 5A

What do you think? YYF DNA for 5A play?

How about an 888 vs DNA war?

Yeah!!! DNA, its a little bigger so it would be easier to land it. eight8eights are good too, but harder because of its size.

I just love the 888 (and all undersized yoyos).

One of the only full-sized yoyos I like for 5A is the YYF California. You should try it out :wink:

Both are great for 5a. My favorite 5a yo-yo is the G5+ (A Superstar is close enough to get the feeling)

I think both will serve as excellent 5A yoyos, you just got to find what you prefer.

I’m a fan of full sized yoyo’s, so I like the DNA. I also like to add Z-Stacks for easy catches for stack tricks, and more weight to give it better 5A balance.