888x!! finally!

llooks very appetizing! lol
but anyone notice the “Made in China”
engravin under yoyofactory?..

that kinda killed it for me…
; /

they shouldve just left it like all the other 888s… just nice and simple: logo and name brand.

I think my jaw dropped when I saw the new price.

That’s a perk of having it made in China. I don’t want this to turn into a debate/flame war like it did at the other place, but I think it’s great that YYF can offer an 888 for this great a value.

Yeah i agree with JM. i wish the made in in China wasn’t there though.

In the wake of new The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act legislation all ‘Toy’ products (which yo-yo may or may not be classified under are required by law to indicate point of manufacture (and pass strict safety tests). This eight8eight is proudly our first to comply to this new legislation. Depending on how the government decided to play this out you could see many more yo-yos forced to indicate the point of manufacture and batch codes. You could also see quite a few yo-yos disappear from retail stores for not complying.

Isn’t the only purpose to comply with that to get yoyos in actual toy stores? Online, they don’t need to be sold as toys. Some online stores already say they’re not toys (metal/unresponsive ones at least).

I agree with most here but the MADE IN CHINA right under the logo ruined it.
I would never do that, even if it WAS made in china lol

i bet it is a good yoyo but the MADE IN CHINA makes not want to get it the batch number doesn’t bother me that much just the made in China makes me think the lower price makes a cheap not very good yoyo

What ‘some online’ stores think and what the US government think are two different things. The interpretations of the law are changing every day.

Either way, we are ‘prepared’.

Well, I guess it’s good to be prepared. But, people get around these things all the time. ie brass knuckles being sold as paper weights or belt buckles. I feel like ranting about the government now, but I’ll just stop. I hope the 888x is good! ;D

Although I don’t like the Made in China text nor the Patent Pending, Ben has a completely legitimate reason as to their choice, so well done :slight_smile: My only doubt is the hope that they could’ve put it somewhere more discreet, if possible.

Ben’s right. They can call a yo-yo a well-oiled competition machine, but the government can call it a toy and declare it a violation.

The problem is that not very many people recognize the yoyo as a “competition machine,” as JM put it, but everyone remembers the -toy- called ‘yoyo’ from their childhood.

Not to mention the fact that…well…they ARE toys. For some reason everyone wants to pull a whole “hear no evil” thing when someone says that. :o

“THEY’RE NOT TOYS, THEY’RE SUPA l33t TRICK FACTORIES!” (Cuz, ya know, they lay down tricks as fast as a production line…get it? No? Yeah…I know it was lame…so don’t rub it in! Man you guys are mean!)

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing it for what it is.

Like I said I don’t like the Extras but Ben is right and so is JM Where do you find yoyos beside drom the Internet, Not Dicks Sportings Goods but a toy stores. So, i would have to agree with them. until I find an 888 at Dicks, its a toy.

I am not a lawyer, but:

Can’t blame Ben at all for going this way. If the government is looking to nail someone for something, regardless of the reason(s), it’s going to happen. If a politician (or group of) is rallying behind some consumer safety legislation to garner support or distract from something else, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the attention focused on it, and “punish” anyone it deems in violation. And with something this new, you have to expect the rules of the game to change without notice.

Attaching evasive labels to things probably isn’t the safest bet, either. Someone had mentioned such dubious word games regarding brass knuckles being called “paper weights” to avoid a legal issue. This is actually a good example of why it’s especially necessary to avoid doing such things.

Your “paper weight” is called such because, in many areas, it’s considered an illegal weapon. In some areas, it’s not. Some places ban them outright, while others don’t care. Some places, even though they’re illegal there, will often take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach when dealing with retailers that sell such things, or civilians who possess them. It’s a tricky business, because the laws governing it don’t happen on the Federal level typically. Normally, states and counties are left to determine what sorts of ill weaponry they mind their citizens running around with.

Now, this CPSIA business is Federal (as far as I can tell), and is going to affect everyone the same way whether they want it to or not, regardless of location. Being able to sell under a different product category, or colorful label, in some places and not others isn’t going to fly. It’s going to be all or nothing, or suffer the consequences. If they’re serious about this legislation they’ll be quick to remove any gray areas. Or it might blow over. Who knows?

Better just to play it safe.