888x by YoYoFactory | YoYoSkills.com Review

Back in 2007, something amazing happened. A few lucky (unlucky) GM2 owners that had weak walls were gifted with a prototype of the 888. Within 3 months the 888 sold 1000 units of special editions and the initial aqua run. Since then, the 888 has seen almost an uncountable amount of special releases and variations. The main line has seen a few minor changes over the years, and the new 2010 edition 888 is no different. Not only are there small changes from the 09 model, but the 888x marks a huge leap and change for the YoYoFactory Premium line. This 888 was made in China which brings up the big question on everyone’s mind; “Can a mass produced version of the 888 perform up to the legacy expectations of one of the must successful and beloved yoyos of all time?”

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On a side note, I did a little bit of experimenting with a 3d photo model thing. Let me know what you guys think.

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Sweet review I think I will get this yoyo.

very nice review!!!

and nice work on the 3D^___^

i want one like that but for my (CA)Counter Attack

any chance you can help me out?

awesome review my friend jonathan also has this yoyo its sick

he has an 888 classic

every time i read one of your reviews it makes me want the yoyo you are reviewing

man i played with one of these, they are sooooo smooth!! and the hubs are sick to