Ok, this sounds bad but why are 888s so good? I think my legacy and DM are the best ever but why are 888s so popular and expensive??? ??? ;D :smiley: :slight_smile: 8)

First of all, 888’s are a METAL yo-yo and are higher end than the Legacy and DM.They are of higher quality and precision and since they are METAL, they also need to be bead blasted or anodized to receive their color. They also need laser engraving, so as you can see, that’s why ALL METAL yo-yos (besides the M1) are more expensive than plastic yo-yos or metal-rimmed YYJ’s. Then of course, the shape and play is what makes it popular. And since it’s METAL it will also spin longer than non-metal yo-yos.

But if you are so worried about the price, then don’t you shouldn’t get the yo-yo. That’s that. Obviously if you already know that the 888 is good and popular, then you should know that it’s worth the price or else it wouldn’t be popular.

Also, you do not need to put excessive smilies (or anything for that matter) in any post or topic or anywhere.

:o ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :
888 is my next yoyo
and i think we can do what we want,except be rude!

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my frend has an eight8eight (writtin like that) and it is very fun to play, it plays like a prodgect with a KK bearing and the fhz hubstak mod , i know cause i have 1

I can’t wait for my 888 to come in, I just ordered it yesterday!

Hey, I got my 888 today! Now I see exactly why it costs so much. It’s hard to explain but the yoyo just ‘feels’ perfect to me, the yoyo fits in my hand great, perfect weight, uses silicone response (yeah, I know I’m biased). By the way, don’t you just love my new avatar?

Yea, the feel of the eight8eight is amazing. It’s worth the price, even though it wouldn’t hurt them to drop it to $100.

yeah really, I should be getting mine any day now… Andre shipped a little bit ago!

i just ordered one in the orange i’ve been looking ;D cant wait

I want one but I cant afford one just going to save up for one

I think thy r so expensive because of metal a perfect desing and the hubstacks

I love my 888.

First of all it’s metal

It’s smooth,metal, hubstacked, everything. It’s the yo-yo i’ve ben dreaming about and i have it! :wink: