What makes some yoyos so expensive?

What makes a yoyo more expensive than another one? I mean $120 for a yoyo is a pretty steep price. take a axiom and 888 for example. Both are all metal yoyos and stuff, the only differences between yoyos are things like response type, Material yoyo is made of, size, bearing. Those are just off the top of my head but there are others. I dont think a yoyo should cost 20 even a 100 dollars more than another yoyo just becuase of those things.
Can someone please explain this too me?

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well there are a slot of stuff that makes them so expensive. first the way they make them, they have to machine the yoyo form a rod of metal so they have to replace machining bits every once in a wile. also the time it takes to make the yoyo, takes more time means more people working on them meaning more money they have to pay. and of course all the material that are used to make it. like the metal for the body the axle the hub stacks(if it has them) the painting the laser engraving and if they have to put different textures in it like the GM. also remember they have to make a profit from this so it probably takes about $80-$90 to make a 888. theirs probably some more to it to but i don’t know them. later and remember keep it spinning.

Thanks, any other info on this would be helpful :slight_smile:


The 888 has three bearings so that makes it a good 20$ more. Plus there inflation which causes the price of things to go up over time. The first 888’s were only 100$. Annodization and lazer engravings also jack up the price. Raw yoyos are generally less because of this except in some cases. Hope that helps.

Well, they made the yoyo price higher, because ts the best quality yoyo like long spin times, no starburst, smooth play, grind well, and never go wrong with it.Also, because its metal.

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The axiom in my opinion is a “bargin meateal” a metal yoyo that is kinda cheap (even though it isnt that cheep) and the main reason that i think this is because i tried my friends axiom and some of the orange paint came off onto the string (the string was white so it was extra noticable) Now the 888 on the other hand is awesome, light, durble,balenced and they have hubstacs SO DONT GET FOOLED

I highly doubt its the paint coming off, simply because the axioms aren’t painted. Its probably the anno coming off, which isn’t yyj’s fault its the person who does the anodizing for them.

What can also make some metals cheaper is the size of each run. The more of each yoyo you make the cheaper it is to make. There were probably hundreds of axioms made at one time whereas an 888 are only made in runs of 1 or 2 hundred.