888 questions?

Ok so I heard that 888 have really big gaps that makes. It tilt bad and I’ve also heard that if you use a kk it solves the problem has any one had this prob before?

No, the eight8eight comes stock with a wide gap, and no tilis unless you throw really bad. KonKave bearings or any bearing that centers the string doesn’t necessarily straighten the yoyo. Its all on how well balanced your throw is. I have an 09’ and there is no tilt at all.

I have an 09 888, and it came stock with a big yyf bearing. I have had my 888 for just over a month now, and I haven’t changed a single thing about it. I love it. You really don’t need a kk bearing because just as Spencer L said even though it straightens your string it doesn’t nesecarily straighten your yoyo. I found that the stock bearing was all I needed though. As long as your throw isn’t angled, you don’t even need a kk bearing. You just give it a nice strong throw, and it will spin strong and straight (it won’t tilt). IMO a kk bearing isn’t needed, because all it does is help straighten your string so it doesn’t touch the yoyo. But when yoyoing one of the important things to learn is how to have a strong enought throw that the string is centered. So as long as you learn how to throw a good sleeper, I don’t think you would need a kk bearing. I found that the stock bearing was a great bearing that is super smooth and slept long enough for anything, because of this I have never had to worry about a tilt.

  Also: they do have nice big gaps!

I have used an 2009 Aqua 888. The gap is wide, so you can have more layers of string when it comes up. My friend thought the bearing that came with it sucked, so he replaced it with a KK. And it won’t tilt if you have a good throw. :wink: In my opinion, 888’s are perfect in every way. :o ::slight_smile: :smiley: 8)

its a nice yo but i don’t think the stability is that great

Explain my good sir! :slight_smile:

I agree with what Samad is thinking. I find it to be really stable.

yeah me too I have an aqua 888 09 and it is not unstable it is very stable and it doesnt tilt.