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Hey guys, I’ve been throwing my 888 a little more lately and I hate the hubstacks. I don’t even use them anymore and I was wondering if anyone has done a post removal on one. I think it look cool and give the yoyo a more rim weighted distribution. Plus it will be much easier for thumb grinds. Let me know what you guys think.

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Landon Balk is all I have to say.


I’ve heard of him. I kinda wanted to try it on my own though.


Like you just want the stacks off or the posts too? You can just pull the hubstacks off if that’s what’s bothering you.

Can’t imagine the posts themselves are giving you that much trouble, but yeah, contact a modder (SR is correct with Landon, he’s pretty much the only modder on the forums nowadays that works with metal). Though you’d have to pay for shipping ($5ish) plus the mod (Landon would probably do it for $5-$10).

And yoyos are designed with that weight placement in mind. Removing the posts, yes, would give a greater ratio of weight to the rims, but it would also make the yoyo lighter. I suspect it won’t place as you hope it does.

EDIT: If you want to try it yourself, get some pliers and wriggle those thangs off.


Haha no I took the stacks off a long time ago but I want the posts gone themselves aswell. It’ll give it a cleaner look and get them out of the way too


if you get it done posts some pics i’d love to see it.


I suggest against this. The posts hold the axle. You’ll need a shorter axle, and by removing the posts you end up with very little threads for the axle to catch. Might strip. Not to mention how hard it would be to remove unless you have a quality lathe and vast knowledge in machining yoyos. This is why I’d say the only logical choice for me would be contact Landon Balk(3YO3) to have him mod it.

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I was thinking the same thing…


Idk ill think about it. It’s a b-grade with an awful powdercoat. Wouldn’t be a terrible loss. Ill talk to my uncle he’s a machinest and post an update.

Thanks, carl