888 noiseness compared to the meteor and mvp.

please rate in order of noiseiness.

This is not a very good question. You can have two yoyo’s that are exactly the same, one be louder than the other. Depending on how much lube you use and if you throw it hard or not.

Why is it people are more worried about noise and spin time rather than vibe and wobble?

Example. I had my friends x-convict, and lubed it.
Before it played amazing but was super LOUD!
Now it plays like crap. And is totally silent.
Any yoyo can be noisy.
It MOSTLY depends on the bearing.
And yes, that isn’t a very good question,
Based on what Icthus and I just said.


Don’t think that this statement is true for every yoyo. I lube mine all the time, make them quiet and they play amazing as well. Just because you lube it doesn’t mean that it will play like crap.