888 Forever

This is an exciting development but I highly doubt we will get a hub stacked titanium 888. Even a plain “vanilla” titanium 888 is pretty exciting though!!


I’d be happy for an Al 888. I didn’t pick up the 888GT because it was so far from it’s origin.

With this and the recently announced Edgeless, I think I might have to indulge.

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As far I know they’ve never made a 888 without hubstacks. Closest thing would the OG Boss and even that is way different in design. Also the The new DNA, so maybe it will be hubstackless.


I’m up for some hubstacked titanium :grin::grin::grin::grin:


888 ultra time

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3 years ago


Hey, I had one of each of those! made 1/2 1/2 swaps, sparked it, sold them. Keeping the AMS for ever and ever. Love that Tundra!


Green is not hard to achieve with TI. The catch is that only certain grades of Ti can be turned green, not all Ti can do it.


Anodizing ti is apparently really easy. The thing about it is that you can keep redoing it to get exactly the color you want and even experiment with splashes and other decals. Dylan Kowalski has a neat video on how to do it as well as a follow up video on exactly what voltages get what colors.


I think hubstacks are kind of lame. All they do is increase center weight. People thought they would have a significant impact on trick development but that never really materialized.


Ben wants it to be an heirloom, something you pass down through generations, so Ti does make sense, durability is key there.

As far as keeping something for that long, I think it should be made in US.

It’ll cost a premium, but it’ll be worth it. The US made 888’s are the ones that all of us kept anyway.

Maybe it was the batch text on the 888x, or the design change, but the 888x never really caught on.


My vote would be for a bi-metal 888.

Ti 888 with stainless rings.

Turning Point did the Leviathan 6 and 7 as bi-metals(one with rings in the rim and the other with rings on the inner/under rim.

Both yo-yos are Amazing.

To make a straight Ti 888 would be ‘?’; to me; simply because YYF already produced the Ricochet. And I am not sure a single metal (Ti) 888 could top the outstanding play of the Ricochet in the same size/shape category? (Purely my personal opinion).

Now… to Beastlevel a New 888; making it Ti; with some stainless rim weight; would give it some extra ‘punch’ over a straight Ti in the/a 888 shape.

If you have ever thrown a Leviathan 6 or 7; you know what I mean.

I just think a TISS 888 would be a Creature with outstanding features🤓


It was the design change, and not to mention the huge quantity of them made. Where they are made offers nothing to the yoyo itself, except a higher price. Considering even the largely hyped G2 has been over seas for a couple years, there’s no reason YYF should limit themselves to US made.


im so stoked for this :relaxed:


I dont need a ti 07 888. I have a tihawk, which is honestly what I think it would be.
Make me a 07 888.
A tiss 888…well that id like to see.


What does tiss stand for? Titanium/stainless steel?


yes it does


Bleh I remember in 07 when everyone wanted an Aqua 888. Only team members of YYF got special colors to show off.

Ended up buying a Mint Aqua 888 + an Oxy4 w marks bc no ano but still great condition. He had them listed $110 and $150.

So I remember talking him down to $130 on the oxy and he was so nice he did $200 for it all.

So I did a few trades. Next one I remember is a stealth 888, small bearing, didn’t like it and was supposed to be “hardcoat” but looked like it would chip easy idk.

** who remembers the Highwall 07 888?**

I think I got my hands on an Aqua by trading my stealth, both were mint. I loved it.

Then I saw that All Yo had a run of 40, some were highwall, I was thinking 20, could be 10 who knows could be 40 lol.

The dude wanted $150 and told me mine was worth $120 (888s sold over retail even non mint).

I threw in a Night Moves 4 w some small damage since I wasn’t a fan and it always bit on me, scuicides were impossible.

So now I had an 07 All Yo 888 1/40 highwall I could never find out but all weren’t highwall I think I remembered.

That yoyo was 59 grams and spun like a tank while going super fast!!

Was sad I never got an Ocho,Yoyopeople,Higby, Dragon, Celtic, Steve Brown and ofc Yuuki Quake which I doubt any 07s of the quakes will ever pop up.

Saw the 08 888, sucks no ano but I’m a sucker. $120 vs $100, kinda steep. LB was Sold Out had to get SB but I liked it quite a bit.

**Also had a Lilith Pink Project Mint or VNM, posted and got like 30 offers, best one I saw was a1/1 Mint LB 08 888, Unengraved, Silverman w Gold Flakes in there that the pic didn’t do justice, it was very similar to Boxthors “h8h8h8” except the color was off fairly noticeably, also no green hubstacks, these had clea r.

Also boxthors 08 h8h8h8s weren’t hardcoat, which this one was.

Never saw one and still have it, still so smooth and special.

Have had other 888s. Got a beat to hell Augie Small Bearing 07 888 as a throw in, got a sanded rims 888x for $20, not bad.

Had a Jason Lee 888.11 which I was trying to get the set and that was an epic fail.

Oh well got it for $55 sold for $80 was a great yoyo and artwork was great just 888.11 lacked anything specia l.

1 more story…

Was checking out a sell lost hella anal guy, but that meant awesome condition yoyos.

This is back when the MVP was close to a year old and I think it was like $129.

He had a list of high ballers. Some high demand colorway chiefs, sebby peak, 1/1 Canvas he prob kept or lowered from $300.

Next was a list of like 20 yoyos “$50 ea or 2/$75”

so I asked for the MVP for $40 quick “no”

Okay I’ll take this weird grey 888 too.

Was listed as an 080808 888, which I know what those are but those were heavy really really shiny ano, the one I got was not only just clear ano but was small bearing, which was Sold on Japanese sites but in black.

Had all of the signature marks of all the past 07 and some 08 888s. This thing takes weird small Kentaro Pads, never threw it enough to need to change it.

Anyways I believe it’s a 1/1 too. Btw no B grade marks on either

The 09 I gave to my gf she loves it, it’s even smaller in width vs all other 888s and height too.

The Gold 1 I might trade for a great offer, maybe a mint 07 quake hahaha no but Steve Brown and I’ll add, serious!


So the Ti 888 is happening, it does have hubstacks, and they are starting an indie gogo campaign for it just like the Dream. The campaign starts today. Will be interesting to see this play out.

EDIT: You can get your hand on one of these bad boys for 200 wing wangs, with a release seeming to be in October.


A link would have been nice.