888 alternative

I love my OG 888 but it’s getting old and very dinged up (even though it’s raw). What would be a good replacement - something slightly undersized, either true organic or an organic/V mix?

Right now I’m thinking of a sOMEThING Angle :slight_smile:

Angle is amazing

Going from smallest to largest I’d consider"
Recrev neuae
Spin dynamic smooth move
Wooly Marmot 2

Werrd Minute though it’s a little bit bigger than the 888

Thanks, some good stuff to look at there. I still get sticker shock when I see some of the prices today that are just accepted as normal :slight_smile:

Yeah, but they are worth looking up on the BST :slight_smile:

I’d definetiley recommend the Smooth Move. It is such a wonderful throw and grinds like you would not believe. I’ve gotten a 10 second grind with an upgraded Ceramic. It’s got a rather nice float factor with it. The caps are very nice and add a very nice, yet limited IRG area. I would never take out the caps, cause they look so good, but I’ve had it for 2 1/2 years, dinged it so much, and unscrewed it 100+ times, and it has no vibe.

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  • Spin Dynamics Smooth Move. Slightly wider and floatier than the 888. It also features beautifully made caps and the helicoil inserts for the threading help prevent stripping and add durability.

-Onedrop Y-Factor. Plays heavier and feels more rim weighted than the 888. The H-Shape of it is also more pronounced than the 888 and it has grooves for grinding.

In order from left to right: 07 888 half, Smooth Move, Y-Factor

I’ve seen smooth moves as heap as $50 on the BST. Angles as low as $80 and turning points go for the $90 range a lot. The only throw that’s currently still going for retail is the marmot since it’s brand new.

The Smooth Move is wonderful. Another old YYF throw that I love is the 44. They also had the 44 Special that came with hubstacks. Undersized and organic and wonderful.

Puffin 2 would make a good replacement

44, Boss, and 888.11.

Smooth Move is such a great yoyo. I had one that somebody was dying for and I couldn’t help trading it to them so that he could have the full Spin Dynamics lineup. As soon as I got home, I started looking for a replacement, got one, and it continues to be a favourite.

As good as it grinds, though, 10-second finger grind claims always make me say “video or it didn’t happen”. :wink:

It definitely seems like the Smooth Move is my next target, I’ll hover around the BST. Those that like them, are you playing just the matte black or soda/nickle?

Solid blue here. From the horse’s mouth, the matte black had something special about it in terms of grind… for whatever reason, the finish is even better for grinds than the blue. But the blue is no slouch!!

Don’t know about the soda/nickel, but I suspect it’s not QUITE as good for grinds as regular blast with ano.

As much as I love the Smooth Move, it’s worth noting that by design it is not a stability monster. It’s a light, fun, mostly-organic yoyo that has a lot of character and looks great. It is not meant to power through competition combos.

The Ricochet is an insanely good undersized organic. It feels like a souped-up Boss which is another great option that can be found for very reasonable prices on the BST. Both the Ricochet and Boss play with a bit more of a solid and hefty feel than any 07 or 08 888 I’ve owned.

I’ve used it to power through contest combos. It spins for ever. I did a Sport 1A 1 throw with it.

As for the nickel grinding, is amazing. I asked Nick about it when I first bought it and he said it grinds better when it’s nickel than any other ano. Plus, it ends up oxidising after a long time of play, so no two are exactly the same. I’ll post some pics of the smooth move after 2 years of play later.

Thanks, Zort Commander! I can get through any of MY combos with a Pacquiao, so I sort of misspoke: I really meant that it’s not what most people think of for so-called (perhaps incorrectly) competition throws. It’s not a stability monster loaded with rim weight. :wink:

I think you have to be a decent player to get full enjoyment out of it. I’m a “decent” player now, and I LOVE it.

Now you’ve got me interested in a nickel one…

Oh I understand. One of my first posts was hilarious. I said “it grinds very well, but not very well” :wink: . But, nickel adds a nice gram of weight to it, too.

Purdy, ain’t it

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