888.11 Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?  I’m looking to buy a higher end throw and this is seeming like it might be it.  I’m kinda hoping for some different colors, but well see if they become available.  Has anyone played with it at all?  If there’s a review I apologize for not finding it in advance.  Also, can anyone suggest a higher end Yo for somewhere in the 100-200 USD range?  My main throw is a 888 atm, so something similar would be awesome.

Well… If you like your current 888, than you prolly won’t be disappointed… I love my 888x and the 888.11 looks like an improvement, I can’t wait to get my hands on one… But perhaps you may want to widen your horizons at which point you may want to try from yyf skyline, g5, genesis, or supernova
From yyj enemy, phenom, knight moves 5, or trinity, pretty much any one drop, spyy, or clyw… All have exceptional quality

I’ve heard a lot of people say that wooly marmots play similar to 888s

but really in the 100-200 range, you could get (almost) any high end yoyo. I’d get something from yyr.

If you already have an 888 though, I’d go with something more different.

I have the Yuuki Spencer 888 which has the same low rounded wall as the new 888.11. I consider this feature on the 888.11 to be superior to the standard 888x. I don’t like the high wall the 888x has as it produces a lot of string drag. You won’t have this problem with the 888.11. I do consider the price to be unreasonable however.