85 dollar yoyo for beginner/intermediate

ok. At this point, I thought I would post another topic to get your peoples attention. I ended up getting $115 buckaroonies for my birthday, but will only spend 75. Most of you know my situation, and now that I have a real budget, I’m gonna start
over. (if you don’t know ,y situation, I can only get one yoyo for a year.)

if you add 10 bucks get a genesis. its awesome. but its ur preferences

the genesis is an advanced yoyo.

dude, just get a velocity. its the best yoyo out there. and once your even more advanced (int-adv), you can convince your parents to let you get a dark magic 2. total $70.

if they dont let you get the DM2, tell them its your money and you can spend it how you want to. if that doesnt work, just stick with your velocity. one of my friends went from complete beginner, all the way to master level tricks with a velocity.

get a protostar or northstar they are both great and the velcity isnt the best

Get a just a DM2 or a Revolution, those come with a normal bearing and a slim bearing. With the slim bearing its responsive and when your ready to learn binding you just swap the bearing for the normal one.

A newer YYJ hybrid or a Protostar is really all you need, ever.

buy a good yoyo from the beginning i bought fireball but that yoyo such :frowning: buy a dv888


  1. ProtoStar=35$
  2. 100Bulk Orange String=13$( orange cause there bright and good for filming and look awsome)
    3)YoyoJam Thin Lube=5$
    4)one extra YoYoJam bearing=5$ (YoYoJam bearing becuase there cheap and awsome)***
    5)Optional YoYoJam Thick Lube=5$ (The thick lube if you want to start responsive)
    shipping total=75$ 3 dollars more doesn’t seem like trouble to get your hands on but this is all you’ll need for a long time.

*** the extra bearing is if any thing were to happen to the stock bearing, gets lost, screwed up, too much lube, etc.


Sounds like an adjust-o-matic might be what you’re looking for

y factor[75] is always good or m1[65]



85 dollar yoyo for beginner/Int.


why buy a good metal for being a begginer?

get a hitman, the adjustable gap can increase/decrease response, and hitmans own.

But M1 went out of prod.

And I would get a bi-metal by YYJ. My DM took me all the way to master, and all I had before it was a throw monkey. DM lasted me 9 months, but that was because I couldn’t resist a new yoyo :smiley: and it got really badly dinged, and cut my hand as I played.

well, i ended up getting a kickside, and it OWNS. I already know brain twister because of this little guy. But im very afraid that the bearing is either lubed too much or not lubed enough because when i got it it was noisy and I lubed it a little too much and know it’s noisier. ??? I will post a review soon. Thanks for all your help you guys!

good choice :wink:

dont worry, i personally like loud yoyos when playing at home

I think that’s your bearing breaking in, not the lube that made it noisier.

ok, so I should just leave it alone then? because when I spin the bearing on a flick it only spins for like a second.