$85 and don't know what to get!


I’d like a new yoyo but can’t decide what to get. for under $85 dollars I need one that plays pretty fast but long sleep and is not bulky like a Cafe racer but more v or H shape. also I would like it under68 grams.


SPYY Supra.


One of the best! Sleeps a long time, archetypal “V” shape, great grinding finish. Not sure where they’re available right now, but they pop up on the BST under $85 with relative frequency.


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Yelets or Supra should be screaming at you. They fit what you want perfectly! :slight_smile:


You’ve got several hundred options with that budget as long as you’re willing to check out the B/S/T.

I’m going to recommend the CODE1, CODE2, Cascade, anything from SPYY, several General Yo’s (Entheos, in particular), and pretty much any other manufacturer you can think of.

It may not seem like it, but $85.00 is a big budget if you don’t mind used yoyos! You can get anything you want if you spend an hour or so looking for it!


Supernova light. Really fast


Firmy comes to mind as a leader. I’d recommend the Freq.Wav if they were in stock.


This is my advice.
Hold onto it. Watch the forums and wait till you really want a yoyo. It maybe later today, it could be a week, month who knows. but just wait. You will see a yoyo you want your hands on. you can bet on it. so just put that money in a fire proof pocked so it doesn’t burn a hole in it and wait a bit.
Trust me you will be happy you did.


The C3 Capless is pretty sweet and plays well above its $65 price tag.



Yyj phenomizm is only 71$ pretty good, fast and a cool hybrid(Plastic and metal).


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A various range of great yoyofactorys, some one drops, and a few from c3yoyodesign.


I probably should of mentioned that I already have a Capless and Di Base 2. So those are outof the question.


Why the heck has nobody recommended the one drop Burnside? Its $85 and an amazing throw, it plays like $120+ throw! Get one, best recommendation here, the spura is a good one too I guess.


I’m with this guy.


C3 Capless

Or wait for the New Adegle Sundial to come out soon.