$80 what to get


I have eighty bucks to spend on a yoyo and i dont want to use b/s/t and i was thinking of getting a cafe racer or a nova. What do you think i should get because i’m stuck!!!


get a werrd 4xl :smiley:
or wait and see what the yyf packs are.

(Brandon1) #3

What are your preferences? If you list those, we can more accurately recommend something for you.


Hit up the bst. You can get a Clyw for that. I’ve seen two mint bear vs mans in rare colorways, for $80.


Honestly bst is a great way to go. I didn’t want to use it either but now I’m on there alot because there are great deals and wonderful people.


Man, I was against BST, but I got some killer deals recently on BST. Granted a couple were a bit “used”, but certainly not used up.

Like, a CLYW Gnarwal for $50 and a Bear Vs. man for $65(got that one via another forum). These are $115 yoyos. Granted, they got some “love” and scuffs, but they are smooth and functional otherwise.


Just got my Werrd 4XL and I can’t put it down!!!