$80 what to get

I have eighty bucks to spend on a yoyo and i dont want to use b/s/t and i was thinking of getting a cafe racer or a nova. What do you think i should get because i’m stuck!!!

get a werrd 4xl :smiley:
or wait and see what the yyf packs are.

What are your preferences? If you list those, we can more accurately recommend something for you.

Hit up the bst. You can get a Clyw for that. I’ve seen two mint bear vs mans in rare colorways, for $80.

Honestly bst is a great way to go. I didn’t want to use it either but now I’m on there alot because there are great deals and wonderful people.

Man, I was against BST, but I got some killer deals recently on BST. Granted a couple were a bit “used”, but certainly not used up.

Like, a CLYW Gnarwal for $50 and a Bear Vs. man for $65(got that one via another forum). These are $115 yoyos. Granted, they got some “love” and scuffs, but they are smooth and functional otherwise.

Just got my Werrd 4XL and I can’t put it down!!!