$75 YYE Gift Card

What should I get with it?

The new special edition dark magic are an 888 like g5 888 dv 888 all the 888’s play very well I have the g5 and its the best yoyo I’ve ever owned

freq wave and shipping.

What ever you may need at least buy some lube string and a Yoyo bag at leasing yeah and a Yoyo!

OD Burnside… very underrated.

Just add $10 to it.

Excellent choices.

Freq. wave isn’t in stock, I don’t think.

This one…

You could get a bit of my admiration by sending that $75 my way. :wink:

How about some TMBRs if you don’t have much in the way of fixed axles throws?

Love that one so much… don’t need another DM2, though! Too “into” variety still.

I am checking out the TMBRs…but I already have a SF Era TK No-Jive 3-1…

Yeah three is just a bit more.