65$ Yoyo

Trying to get a yoyo in the 65$ range. Just tell me your preferences and why u like it.


Exceptioanally cheap, spins for a good amount of time. good weight/ size. grinds pretty well (including thumb grinds), solid feel to it.

Very very fast. Undersized h-shape very nice colors, no vibe, very smooth, one of the best undersized available

Werrd 4xl. Barebacks are 65. Wonderful shape, rounded. Beefcake bearings are unique. Smooth, comfortable and different from what you normally see.

And you can hubstack them with Yyf or ricestacks.

RecRev SHARP… amazing and is great for learning new tricks… I love it… cant go wrong with a Northstar

the yuuksta, this thing is priced as a fundametal but plays like a mini genesis it is smooth on the string, great h shape, amazing grinds, definetly way under priced for its performance…

Yuuksta all the way. Smooth, long spining, grindable, and all those good things.