$65 Throw

Hello all. I got a Dark Magic II for Christmas and have been looking for an upgrade. I was looking at throws that are around $65. I have no preferences, just recommendations. Please tell what throw and describe how it plays. Thank you in advance:)

C3 Capless. It has great spin times, great feel with the weight, and can take anything you throw at it. Just my experience, though.

If you can add $10 to your total (for shipping) you can buy a fool’s gold avalanche from clyw. It’s $60+$15 shipping to the US. But it would be pretty much without a doubt the best yoyo you can get for that price.
Some other options would be the delrin severe ($45), the c3 capless, a werrd hour, c3 halo, or sOMEThING the V. You wouldn’t really go wrong with any of them.

Seconded. Especially the FG Ava. I own the Capless and have played a FG Avalanche a bunch, and the Avalanche edges it out.

Keep in mind that the DM2 is a great yoyo, so “upgrade” is kind of subjective. Unless you’re doing horizontal, it’s not going to open up many more tricks. But that doesn’t mean anything. Some of us have dozens of yoyos that don’t do anything essentially differently. :wink:

werrd hour is a great throw.

The theory

Thanks for the recommendations. I find out this weekend if my dad will let me buy a new throw. If so then I will go for the FG Avalanche. Seems like a great deal. Thank you again.

YYJ Theory you won’t regret it.

Yes yes yes…