A smooth throw under 70$

Everyone probably asks this question, but I just sold all my plastics and want a smooth Derlin, Metal, or Hybrid throw. I’ve been throwing smaller yoyos for a while so I want a bigger throw, 55-57 mm in diameter, but in width I like it slightly slim.

Im looking for input! ANY suggestions at all I will consider.

I’ve been thinking about the new derlin severe, or maybe Dark Magic 2…

Check out ReacreationalRevolution!! They have amazing throws ~70$

OK :slight_smile:

Delrin severe


I have a delrin severe. It is very smooth. Great buy. Another option would be the g funk.

Good Point

How does the burnside play?

Because the Derlin severe is sounding Bad to the Bone 8)

I played a Delrin Severe last night and I do not like YYF and that thing was AWESOME… So smooth… Great weight distribution… Too bad its made in China… The Burnside plays FANTASTIC and is one of the smoothest One Drops to date…

Yeah there used to be a time where i wouldnt throw a yoyofactory EVER unless it was a northstar with jensen’s name on it


So much YYF hate…
Can’t the world just get along?

Because of Yoyofactory.

I’m sorry, I just don’t like them. I don’t hate them. I respect them but will not throw them.

(Go and make that your signature lol )

I should say that I do not “hate” YYF without them yoyoing would not be as big as it is (it’s not really all that big) but I just prefer other companies… They make many wonderful yoyos and have a huge variety for just about eveyone out there. They are just not for me!!!

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My point exactly

Di Base it’s by far my favorite Yoyo smooth and amazing!

I know JUST what you need:


Hmm… It does look pretty good!

Di Base is good but the Capless is better… A LOT better… U said you wanted 55-57 well the Capless fits the bill…



Recreational revolution makes some kick butt thorws under that price. Also look into c3yoyodesigns, the token is one of the smoothest throws i have played with. Its pretty tiny, but its at a nice 29.99!