6 great throws for $130 shipped to any where in the us and canada

So i lost interest in throwing lately so i though i will thin my collection that i aquired in the past few months.

project-rims satin and polished has a few dings but nothing serious or noticable(no pads)
new breed(orange)-satin the rims and also reformed it so its more flush with the convex of the rings
ko-modded rims cut down feels a bit lighter
lyn furry-i reformed it so its like a cross of a bassalope and project
black knight(white)-nothing done to it… yet
fh2-yellow fade paint job and satin so its great for grinds and i also schoomved and silli as well has a fhz hubstack axel for some reason
broken rec rev white out-it was modded by luke vader and it had a fhz hub mod and it cracked so if any modders have a half of a fhz some where and wants to take a few hours working on it

any questions or offers send me a email at truman.yee@gmail.com cuase i look at my email more than here

ill buy the project.

How much for the New Breed?

seriously dude ill buy the project.

I wanna buy the fh2 is it hubstacked with a FHZ kiT?