Project FT, Gung Fu FT

Also have a project with little nicks and pinpricks all around the rims and tiny scratches around the thumb grind area. Formerly owned by Trents Franks and Juan Renteria. For real. Pending to a frantic!

ZOMG! A Gung-Fu! It’s purple and light blue/greyish. AMAZING THROW! It’s a Gen. 2 I believe. There’s a handfull of scuffs and about 4 dings. Itty-bitty vibe. Such a player. It’s not that I want to get rid of it, I just think someone might want it more than me.I want:

YYF(Skylines, DV888s, Frantics, offer)
Alchemy silk

Woah! Sickest dye job ever. How much?

bearing looks kind of rusted

I’ll put a new one in :smiley:

Bumblebees are
Under the impression that
People think they are annoying.

Come on! Looking for zeros, silk’s, delrins yyf, anything! Offer!

wow that dye is hella dope nar nar dude

lol. It’s pending.

Hey I have a satined silid flat rimmed specd painted fhz for it

I didn’t see any pictures. I want an X-Convict…just kidding.

This is a good yoyo.

PMD :wink:

I dont get it? No pictures? Whats the joke?

Anyways, PMd

where them pictures?

The Vict is pending so I didn’t feel like adding them, and the project is pending to the frantic, and the same story. If the deal doesn’t go through, then I’ll add em.

Isn’t x-convict gone?

I might trade a frantic for that

Gung? Or project?


I want the Gung.

Heres what I got to offer:

Satined Black Hectic. It looks like a metal rimmed YYJ. But plays a million times better. Its also polished and waxed. Grinds amazing. Looks awesome.

Takeshi FHZ. The Caps are cracked a little. BUT it does NOT effect play at all. It has a ceramic bearing and plays great.

Stacked, Polished, Silicone Recessed Black Knight. No vibe at all, except when you pull start. Theres just a LITTLE vibe. But other than that no vibe at all. Its half Green and Half Black.

I also have a Siliconed Speed Dial thats near mint. Plays fine, just a little snaggy and responsive. Deal Sweetner is written all over it.

I have a Satined yellow speedmaker. Again. Deal Sweetner. Its mint.

Very enticing, but the Gung is pending to a Mint B-Grade 888.

what do you want fo your gung fu? ???