Project FT, Gung Fu FT


Also have a project with little nicks and pinpricks all around the rims and tiny scratches around the thumb grind area. Formerly owned by Trents Franks and Juan Renteria. For real. Pending to a frantic!

ZOMG! A Gung-Fu! It’s purple and light blue/greyish. AMAZING THROW! It’s a Gen. 2 I believe. There’s a handfull of scuffs and about 4 dings. Itty-bitty vibe. Such a player. It’s not that I want to get rid of it, I just think someone might want it more than me.I want:

YYF(Skylines, DV888s, Frantics, offer)
Alchemy silk

(SR) #2

Woah! Sickest dye job ever. How much?


bearing looks kind of rusted


I’ll put a new one in :smiley:


Bumblebees are
Under the impression that
People think they are annoying.

Come on! Looking for zeros, silk’s, delrins yyf, anything! Offer!

(Elzandnoo) #6

wow that dye is hella dope nar nar dude


lol. It’s pending.


Hey I have a satined silid flat rimmed specd painted fhz for it


I didn’t see any pictures. I want an X-Convict…just kidding.

This is a good yoyo.


PMD :wink:

(Mitch) #11

I dont get it? No pictures? Whats the joke?

Anyways, PMd

(JackG) #12

where them pictures?


The Vict is pending so I didn’t feel like adding them, and the project is pending to the frantic, and the same story. If the deal doesn’t go through, then I’ll add em.


Isn’t x-convict gone?

(Mitch Ginder) #17

I might trade a frantic for that


Gung? Or project?



(Connor) #22

I want the Gung.

Heres what I got to offer:

Satined Black Hectic. It looks like a metal rimmed YYJ. But plays a million times better. Its also polished and waxed. Grinds amazing. Looks awesome.

Takeshi FHZ. The Caps are cracked a little. BUT it does NOT effect play at all. It has a ceramic bearing and plays great.

Stacked, Polished, Silicone Recessed Black Knight. No vibe at all, except when you pull start. Theres just a LITTLE vibe. But other than that no vibe at all. Its half Green and Half Black.

I also have a Siliconed Speed Dial thats near mint. Plays fine, just a little snaggy and responsive. Deal Sweetner is written all over it.

I have a Satined yellow speedmaker. Again. Deal Sweetner. Its mint.


Very enticing, but the Gung is pending to a Mint B-Grade 888.


what do you want fo your gung fu? ???