Lots to trade for your p2

I have a few yoyos that I’d like to trade for a p2.

Project 1,
SB 08 888,
Beadblasted Cosmo,
Clear w/ blue rim Counter Attack,
Modfather Fh2.

The project was originally silver(white), but was painted brown(bronze) by MountOdinMan. Can’t find the axle, and the bearing is sort of…stuck. The paint is very sturdy, but some has come off. The ano underneath is hardly damage. Played great until the bearing decided to hate me.

The 08 888 is heavily tarnished, and has a few dings. It has vibe, but it all could easily be tuned out.

The cosmo is near mint, with some sort of dent in the side cap area. It was like that when I got it. (I swear)

Counter attack is mint.

Fh2 is mint. (other than the weird machine marks that come with it)

Pictures located here http://www.flickr.com/photos/43573770@N05/sets/72157624291539056/

All play great. (aside from the 888 vibe) ^-^

Thanks for looking,


The pic website wont load up.