Counter Attack and SB2 for trade/sell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys, I have a counter attack … clear with red rims ( center track bearing ) used for about 2 weeks (got a new breed now and dont use the CounterAttack) and a a Tom Kuhn SB2 silver bullet … looks like this … … but its a tidy orange thats kinda fading, if you can paint them then they will look great. IT comes with the tool to adjust the bearing.

I bought the counter attack from here for $30.00 and had the sb2 since i was like 15 but some sites still sell them $100- brand new.

Anyways, I really want another yyj yoyo, either the Atmosphere, Dark Magic, hitman, x convict, speeder… etc.

I will sell them too, just name your price … or offer …

( I might trade them both for something new )

Anyways … hope to hear from you guys soon.


… No replies? … well maybe the pix will help ?

(Mitch Ginder) #3

xconvict for counter attack? I can get pictures


yea let me see a pic … wat condition ? … how long you had it ?


Does the $30.00 for Counter Attack include Shipping?




yes it does


I am going to log onto chat … lets talk der


Cannot get chat to work at this time. I will send you a PM

(Mitch) #9

Anything you like there for counter attack?

(Mitch Ginder) #11

Its pretty much mint, can’t get pictures right now but heres a video that its in.

(system) #12