FS: CLYW, 2sick, Sengoku, YoyoBrothers, SF SS, Deadly Spins

Hey guys, looking to sell these. USA only. No trades. PM for more pictures and price. Thanks!

CLYW Advanced Scout - dings around the rim
CLYW Peak 2 - mint
ILYY 3145 - mint GONE
2sick Rook - minor scratches on one rim GONE
Deadly Spins Wrath - couple dings
CLYW Snow Lzzard - mint GONE
Sengoku Musashi - B-grade, mint
OYO Lust - mint GONE
Sengoku Masamune - mint GONE
Sengoku Prototype - mint
Smashingyoyos Interlagos - mint, vibe GONE

2nd pic

Row 1:
OD Kuntosh 5kQV - mint
OD Dang2 - mint
Sengoku Hattori - mint GONE
2sick - Fiancchetto - mint GONE
Sengoku Musashi - 1 flat spot

Row 2:
Square Wheels - 7075 Nomad
YoyoFreaks Pound - mint GONE
Duncan Grasshopper X - mint GONE
Unparalleled Corruption - near mint GONE
YoyoBros Heirloom - mint w/ box

Row 3:
SF SS Black on black - mint GONE
SF SS Black on black- couple scratches and some loss of color on SS rims GONE
SF SS Cobalt - mint GONE
SF SS Rosegold - mint GONE

Mark Mont Next… Mint? Box? Interested

OK, Interested in MMN with box, can you send me more pics?

Bump, considering trades now :slight_smile:

I want the tangent

updated bst

Would you do $30 on the rally and Ill make you 2 leather yoyo holders their worth $10 each so all together $50?

plz reply !