FS: YYF Counter Attack, Paul Kerbel Skyline! G5 Added!


DONE! Mods please Close

(stephen_cameron) #4

Hey would you go any lower on the frantic?

(Q) #7

40 for the Frantic?


No thanks


can i mail you the cash for the counter attack. i’ll take it for 20?


Sorry thats a bit too low for a mint CA that retails for $32.


no problem i get one somewhere else


Any profile pix of that Smoove Yo?!?


Pics coming tonight!


hey i have a red yyj black night…u wana trade you ouch-yo rhodieyo for it. the black night is is brand new only ben used five times over carpet and it costed $40 when i bout it thats how much you wanted for the ouch-yo.


No thanks. Not interested in a Black Knight.


would you be willing for a trade? my pre production DNA only marks are frtom counterweights and it is smooth as can be for your paul kerbel skyline


No thanks. Already have a few DNA’s. No need for another lol.

(system) #39