FT blue with red splash skyline

I have for trade a practicly mint blue with red splash skyline. I bought it last saturday, the 20th and after a few throws I have decided that I do not like this yoyo. So I have it up for TRADE ONLY unless someone would like to pay very close to its full price. which I don’t think you do. So it is in very good condition, The only thing it has on it is one little scuff on each side and a tiny pinprick on the rim. These do not affect the play of the yoyo at all. Otherwise the yoyo is completely mint and stock. Also I may throw some strings in if you would like.

What I want:
Spyy Pistolero
Night moves 5
Pyro lite
and anything else that is very very smooth.

Like the pistolero.

Also with things like the CU if you have anything else to add on to it because. the CU is $60
and the Skyline is $120. I mean, I just bough this 3 days ago from the 23rd.

I will try to put up some pictures soon

Not really worth it but I will trade a loved G5 that is scraped all around the rims but plays super smooth. I can put pics up if interested. Figured you could be desperate for a trade.

i have a dif-e-yo g-t-o for trade if your interested…


Nah I’m good. I am specifically looking for a Skyline.