Which one?


Help me please. The pistolero is mint and 75$. The warning line is 70$ and it is mint. The splash skyline has one ding and originally cost 140$ but is now 90$. I just put the condition to see which is a better deal. Or should I save up for these wooly marmots.

(JDrocks!) #2

I know this might not help, but I would go with the Skyline beacuse that is the only yoyo I’ve tried so far. :-\ :-[


First of all, those green and white and white and blue splashed yoyos are peaks.

Also, I think you just need to consider your budget and preference betweem the skyline and pistolero. The pistolero is a bit larger and heavier than the skyline. The skyline features a slight h-shape while the pistolero features a bit of a rounded shape.

Are hubstacks important in your decision?

And is the splash on the skyline worth the extra money?
All of these factors should be heavily considered. I hope this helps you decide!!!


I dont care about hubstacks seeing as this skyline doesnt come with them and i dont have to pay for the extra splash. Thanks for telling me those were peaks!


Go with the Skyline. Cool colors, too. :wink:

(JonasK) #6

I’d say Pistolero.