Painted project, and 08 888 for $40 EPIC DEAL

Project has bearing seat issues, and has a stuck bearing. Got the lowdown from onedrop, and they said they would look at it for free.
It’s copper painted.

08 888 needs a new axle, and has a couple dings, and vibe.

These are easy fixes, I’m just too lazy to do anything about it.


Need them sold fast
you have to buy both though
pm me asap

Yo. I’m interested in both. Please supply some pics. ;D

Ill definitely get that 888 after pics

Nah. There both mine. First come first serve. ;D

Edit: 888 is mine.

on the link u provided there were like 3 888s which ones 4 sale. why does it need a new axle

It needs a new axle because the current one is bent giving it vibe.


All pictures are the same 888.
One set of pictures is in bad lighting, while the others are in good lighting.
They were also taken in different time-frames.

prices lowered

If we ever meet I’ll be all over that Project.

Project’s already mine. :wink:

Or is it?

I thought you said you couldn’t get it.

Besides you have to buy both.

Look at the title, it says $30 each.

I meant to fix that.
Look at the post.

Hi, I am very interested in buying these yoyos, but have a few questions. To make things clear, it would be very helpfull if you could include just the images of the yoyos you are selling in your ad. (taking the img code from flicker and pasting it in your ad), that way i know exactly what I’m getting. I was also wondering about all the white dots on the project. Are those scuff marks, or just the way it was painted. Finally, is it $40 shipped? And would I be paying with pay-pal? Thanks!


I’m pretty sure I have pics on the first post, after I finish this post I’ll edit it and add them.
The white dots are supposed to be like that, it’s not a defect.

Still up…
I can probably ship day of.

I really need these sold…
hence the price tag

I’d recomend taking the img code and including just the pictures of the yoyo’s in the original post. This will help sell them. Also, does the 888 include stacks?