ft/fs modded throws

i have a pgm2, throw monkey, fh2, hayabusa all modded one way or another.  pics are at

chocolate pgm2 (pending)
satin finish
silli recces
dyed chocolate brown and white with circles in the rims

purple throw monkey
satin finish
silli reccess
schoomve rings
dyed purple

yellow fade fh2
satin finish
silli reccess
schoomve rings and circles
paint job its a yellow fade effect

satin finish
scoomve one ring

looking for
mip/mint fhz prefer whit or clear
mip/mint pgm prefer white
mip/mint yyj like xconvicts,lyn fury,kick side ect
Any metal as long as its not completely beat up

pm me or comment with offers any offers welcome, i mean worst i can say no so offer up.

Wow… That PGM is chocolaty sweet…

Im PMing you now…

If I could justify buying another throwmonkey I would, that purple on purple is cool as. Nice job.

Free pumb

thanks… i am all ways open to trade