WTT: Hitman, PGM, FH2

Samad inspired me to sell these 3 yoyos that I don’t use.

Black Hitman. Satined, Some Dings, No caps. Shimmed. Set up with o-pads.

Stacked PGM. Version 1. Trans blue with o rings. Scuffs, dings. Response=Hot Glue currently.

FH2. Stockkkk. Light marks I believe.

Want to trade all 3 for 1 yoyo.


Any Metal
Metal plastics possibly
Offers are gladly accepted

LOL, for all 3 of those, I got a G5 and Project. :slight_smile:

Connor posted a BST for his yoyos, and he said he wanted a Hitman. So I asked, Hitman for Project, and he actually said yes. Then, in the chat we were talking about my old G5, and how he might trade it for a PGM, so I offered my PGM plus a FH2 modded. And I got them!

GOOD LORD! But what’s the condition of the project and G5?

ill trade either my duncan metal zero cold fusion or throw monkey or any other of my yoyos i gotta video on my youtube channel if u wanna check it out

what’s your youtube channel?

It was a beat project with satined rims. Plays amazing.

G5 has scratches all over the rims. Thats all. Btw Samad, I didnt put any new damage on the G5 since I got it. :wink:

how well does the hot glue play in the pgm?

I like it. It’s un-responsive, tight binds, and its more convenient that flowable silicone.

BUMP! I really don’t want these in my case!