selling/tradeing modded throws


ok so i am looking for some new throws so here is a list of what i have and what i did to them

-polished rims
-silli recess

play smooth and unresponsive has like 2 small dings

new breed
-reprofiled to fit better in your hand and for grinds
-polished rims
plays smooth and unresponsive mint.

fast 201
-painted silver

plays unresponsive and smooth has a few scratches but no major damage

-silli recess

lyn furry
-reprofiled like a cross of the wedgie and bassalope
-weight rings/grind rails

i only accept paypal

looking for
counter attack
anything that could be fun to mod
anything really just offer

pics are coming


You made silicone recesses in a Project??? ???


well i just made the recess a bit deeper so it wont fall out when playing as well it has a raw look to it with clear silli and it looks pretty cool


xmas eve bumb pics are coming

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