FT legacy, silid satined flat rimmed yyfbearing'd painted fhz LF ANYTHING!!!!

satined silid flat rimmed yyf bearing’d fhz FOR TRADE ONLY
plays great unresponsive wonderful yo


-satined has and is banged up needs a good bearing cleaning or new bearing

paypal perferably and CON US only thanks guys O0

wants for trades in order

hayabusa pad recessed fhz

cmon people i need some money to get my soon to be mod service off of the ground

I still want that Throw Monkey, I want the SpeedMaker too.

Wait a tic…Sirius for both of em? ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

what for the metal zero?

Hold on I might have a deal for all of them when that falls through ill post it
For the mfhz I would take a legacy or a mint fhz

We still good on the throw monkey and Speedmaker??? :-[ :’( ??? :’(

DUDE! I totally want that FHZ! lol Like super bad. :smiley:

oh really to bad you didnt say so sooner because we coulda saved on shipping lol
what do you have to trade for it?

You didnt say jack about THIS fhz earlier. lol.

Its ok, i got a FHZ coming I guess I can just sport that one for awhile even though yours is incredibly tempting.

oh i guess i didnt did i … whoops oh well i remember now i didnt think about trading it yet at the moment

Well, dang i want it. If it doesnt get taken by someone else ill definately consider it