FS/FT legacy and hayabusa sl

hey guys. im selling my hayabusa sl and legacy.

the legacy is half green and half . it is satined on both sides and grinds beautiffully. it has no vibe and comes with a de-shielded speed bearing. im asking around 15 bucks for this not including shipping, or offer up for a trade.

the hayabusa is blue and yellow and is the sl version. it has a very small cut in the rubber thats only around a millimeter deep. the rims are kinda dirty but i can clean them. i also accidentily overtightened it. it doesnt affect anything like performance, but the caps dont come out. the bearing also has some rust ON THE OUTSIDE of the bearing. there is no rust in the bearing, and it came stock with rust on the outside. im asking around 12 bucks for this not including shipping or a trade.
I dont ship outside the US.

the second pic of the legacy is the scuff its kinda hard to make out, and the second hayabusa pic is the cut again kinda hard to make out





metaal zero or yyf pocket change for anything?

if u want metal zero 2 or yyf pocket change or your legacy or hayabusa just email me at jimmyganno@ymail.com i wont be back on untill aug 19 but i am willing to make that trade


That for the Legacy?

so metal zero 2 or yyf pocket change for hayabusa or legacy?

i could do this. i want to see pics first tho. and BUMP