druminpython's video BST *7/5/10*

Sorry for the nasily (skrewed that word) voice, Basic allergy problem.

Lyn Fury–$15

Shipping is $5 to anywhere in the CONUS. Buy multiple yoyos and share shipping. I dont particularily like to ship out side of the US but if you are interested, still PM me and we will talk about the situation. Also, if you are buying I gladly take Paypal over everything else

Conditions! I dont care about the condition (cosmetic) as long as it is vibe free. It must have a good condition Bearing.

Stacked Genesis
2010 Severe
MIP Kickside
Protostar (only trans Blue and Trans red, MUST BE MINT)
Yello highlights
Spec Bearings size C (must be MIP)
Center tracs ( " )
CBC pads all sizes



Any of these for the orange and white legecys?

An orange Butterfly for the Orange Legacy lol ;D

any of what?

There wa suposed to be a link. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,12613.0.html

PM me

hey whats up, i have a dark magic with a konkave bearing and i have a blue lynfury with no side caps. lyn fury is unresponsive and has good play because i modded the lyn fury. the dark magic is adjustable gap so it can be unresponsive or responsive!

how much 4 the velocity?

me with offers!

ill give you $10 for the velocity?

are some yoyos broken?

the black the white and the big ben all have some broken pieces
but the only one that really doesnt play is the hwite

i know this sounds dumb but can i trade a Henry’s Lizard for any of these??

Hmmm. I have a Die-Nasty. Would you take it for a Hayabusa? I am not sure if I can trade just wondering.

Note: Please dont pm me, I cant pm back. :-[

depends on the condish…
you can email me at

Ok, well I have to convince my dad to let me. If you get another trade you should take it because this might take a while. ( He goes out of town a lot).

By the way its not perfect. It has a couple of white scuffs, but still a smooth player and no broken hubs.

Sorry I didn’t e-mail. My parents wont let me e-mail anybody I don’t personally know. Yeah I know, I live in a sheltered house. :-[

If you want to destroy MY SWEATER!

I got a Kickside. Scratched and dinged terribly but stills plays good. That + 10 bucks for the black legacy? PM me.

Any pics of the G5? I’ve got an Envy 64, a few knicks, a protostar, a few dings, and a beat to crap, dual O-ring DM, and a beat to crap Legacy… Any of that interest you for the G5?

Not interested right now. Thanks though