Got lots of cheap yoyos for sale

white yoyojam atmophere no caps 28 shipped

2 raiders one all black and one red and black both work great 15 shipped

hayabusa SL orange and white rims has wear on rims 12 shipped

and a blast from the past a yoyojam black knight green 18 shipped, silconed black

got 100 yellow slick 6 string from yoyonation 8 shipped

pocket change pink and light blue with a central track bearing siliconed black both sides 10 shipped.

fh2 blue has a throw monkey cap and pro fly cap 10 shipped

13 for the black knight? Hahahah this time im serious

Would u be interested in trading a purple legacy for ur Hyabusa.Plz :slight_smile: The legacy is pretty loud but it doesnt affect the play. I bought a new Yoyo Jam speed bearing for it and ive had for about 5 weeks. Its a great yoyo thks!!