FT/FS: Metal Zero/FHZ *Wants updated AGAIN!!!* LOOK!!!

(Jesse) #1

I’ve got a Metal Zero and FHZ I’m willing to trade.
Here are the pics:

The FHZ has SMALL SMALL SMALL (and when I say small, I mean small) scratches/scuffs that go all the way around it. They do not affect play at all! I didn’t even notice them until I looked for them. Cleaned bearing.

Metal Zero has a very small patch of tiny scratches on one side, I couldn’t get it on camera. Cleaned bearing.

Any YYJ Metal Rimmed (Preferably Black Knight, New Breed, Mini Motu, or X-Convict.)
Clear FHZ
Mighty Flea
Hyper Freehand
A beat up Trainwreck (V.1 preferred) I’m REALLY looking for one of this, but I guess beat up-ish because I don’t have much here to trade.
Any New YYF Plastic
Any Delrin Yo-yo


Would you like a throw monkey for the fhz??

(Jesse) #3

No thanks, I don’t think I would use that any more than I use the FHZ.


Ok just though i would ask :wink:

(Jesse) #5

Yeah, no problem! Don’t worry people, I said offer anything! I might accept, I might not! You never know!

(Jesse) #6

I updated my wants list, just some ideas.


Umm they’re actually called metal rimmed, not bi-metal. Bi-metal means two metals, such as the Catch22, Night Moves 5, and others. Just pointing that out.

(Jesse) #16

Thanks, I thought I’d seen people call them Bi-Metals.


What o u want for the mighty flea ???


Three years and two months almost to the minute.

(system) #25