FS/FT: Meteor, FHZ's, FHC, and more LF: PHENOMizm, Pro, offer

I’m looking for a Pro (blue/purple acid wash only) and PHENOMizm, otherwise make a reasonable offer

If you want me to do any mods PM me and we can work something out

Genesis- $60 shipped SOLD TO DYonch

Meteor- $65 shipped
Small scuffs around the rims, small scuffs from 3a on the body that dont go through the anno


LB Enyo FHC- $35 shipped
Smooth, mint, large bearing crucial spacers (pad response)


Stacked Peak- $75 shipped SOLD

Bully- $50 shipped TRADED

Fiesta- $18 shipped SOLD

2010 FH2- $12 shipped SOLD

2010 Severe- $80 shipped SOLD

Juvenile Offender- $65 shipped GONE

Free Rider- $50 shipped
small marks all around, I pad recessed one side and the other is stock


Raider EX’s- $30 shipped for the pair
mint, comes with all spacers


Fiesta- $25 shipped GONE

Ive also got some zeros I modded that im looking to sell. I have 1 51mm FHZ , 1 single side pad recessed, and 3 dual sili recessed fhz’s. They all have the sticker lip removed, cleaned bearings, and have been tuned smooth. The caps on all of them except for the 51mm FHZ are a bit loose but thats the way they were straight out of the package.

Let me know if you want anything special done to one and ill see what I can do (schmooved, wiped caps, etc.), this may add to the price depending on what it is

51mm FHZ-
smooth, fh2 weight rings under the caps, one cracked cap, sili recessed, highwalled, schmooved


Large Bearing- the caps on the large bearing zero are tight GONE

Pad recessed-



Sili recessed- White with wiped red caps and green with blue caps are gone




$30 shipped for the 51mm FHZ

$35 shipped for the large bearing, $40 shipped if you want a set of small bearing spacers

$30 shipped for either sili or pad recessed

I have some dice cw’s so if you want one let me know and ill send it along with the fhz


up, white with wiped red caps is gone

Please man! I dont got a good throw! Will you trade a dual sili FHZ for a metal zero and 5 dollars! Please man. Thats my best throw!

Whoa, a stacked Peak. Sick, great job man! :wink: :smiley:

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up, need these gone people

how about 60 for the fools gold

up, added genesis, meteor, and a fhc

up, green zero is gone