FOR SALE ONLY: Anti-Yo, FHZ, Higby FH2s, Raider EXs |pics|

Prices are shipped. Buy more than one and you will get a deal. PM me or AIM: TJaaaaay

I have a few cases for sale. I can also make you a custom case. PM me if you are interested in one and want more details. The foam in the ones below may be modified to your liking.

Bapezilla some scuffs, teflon taped axle. Offer

Eetsit x 2. One has some scuffs, the other has slight more damage. Offer

White Northstar, good condition, slight vibe. $25

Higby FH2s, set of four translucent colors. Siliconed by Madcow. $40 for the set or $12 each.

Pair of raider exs. one white one green. $20

FHZ orange/blue caps stock $8

Black/Purple acid wash Peak, several dings but still awesome. $90 sold

Red/Gold splash Marmot, couple pinpricks. $90 sold

Jensen Kimmit red Superstar, great condition, some marks around the response area.
$60 sold

Red Takeshi DarkMagic. Has avenger hubs(so it’s small bearing), one side sticker recessed. Too nice. $20

Red/black marble DM, some cracks, no caps. $18 sold

White/green(some black) marble DM, some cracks, no caps. $18 sold

FH2 Yellow sticker recess. $9sold

FH2 Sparkle red painted single sticker recess $7 sold

Hyper FHZ, near mint, trans blue, siliconed. $13 sold

Flying Squirrel trans blue body(from mosquito) large spr recess. $9 sold

White Relics. Siliconed. $20 sold

For now everything is for sale only. Any trade offers will be ignored, as will anything along the lines of: how much do you want for this or that, etc.

PM me or AIM(TJaaaaay) if you are interested in anything. Buying more than one will save you some money!

I may have more yo-yos for sale so check back.

would you take a trade for the project? many things up on my BST

I took a look at your BST and I’m not interested in anything. Tha ms though.

Please send offers in a PM. Thanks.

pics of the peak?

bump. pics and new stuff added


peak and relics sold. raider exs added

That Takeshi Dark Magic looks great, Dark Magic 2 for it?

bump. price drops!

bump. anti yos added. for sale only. trades will be ignored.