FS/FT-Spyy skyy chaser,m1,Painted FHZs,Big ben,Hectic,Hayabusa LF:Clyw protostar

Skyy Chaser-$80 shipped plays awesome!!has a couple pinpricks but not through the ano. would want to trade a clyw yoyo for this

One drop M1-35 shipped beater… great for 5a… want a smooth protostar for this.

Hectic- $50- completely mint!!! plays great

2 Painted FHZ fs/ft- OFFER!!! all brand new…RECESSED BY TIKASHI!!! AWESOME PAINT JOB!!! all painted by me (cotton candy is gone)

Big ben-offer up…has regular offstring marks…Black with orange splash (custom Painted)

Duncan Hayabusa-18 great offstring player… couple normal offstring marks… really want a couple sunsets for this

-Anything Really!!!

just pm me with any offers!

just ask for pics of speed dial and raider

i want that pgm 10 bucks and a avenger

im not a big fan of the avenger

ok a reflex or a ballistic

no thanks im good

20 bucks

lyn fury for pgm (if you say yes Ill still have to think about it)

okay so the PGM and Speed Dial are gone now, so dont ask about them

what about that for my mint numba 875 pyro light ??? :o ???

How bout a g5

hey, i really like your camo FHZ and black and white speckle FHZ. Would you be willing to trade the 2 for my yoyocase?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKQViUqY87o


A yoyo case: 6 hole, and 15 strings for a painted fhz recessed by takeshi? The blue, pink one

hay dude um can i get yoyo with the painted eye on it i forgot the name of it b ut ill get you a xconvict and 10 bucks if thats to low let me know

bring up my post plz

I have a Boss. All black. Few dings. $20 shipped in trade for ocho8ocho

Can I buy that Dingo still?

I don’t think so. I bought the Dingo. So, yo_adam, you should probably edit you post and indicate that the Dingo is sold. (along with any thing else you have sold already.)

how about a mighty flea for your hectic?