*Package Steal Deal inside* FS: Spyy, YYF, HSPIN, Modded FHZ's, BIST


Looking to sell these ASAP. PM if your at all interested and i’m sure we can work something out.

B!ST plus all the FHZ’s for $90 shipped!

BIST 2009 YYG WYYC Special Edition Centauro Trinity- still mint, no marks that i could find, and one of the smoothest yo-yo’s i have ever thrown. looking for around 50

PGM- Bought it at Shoparooni(store Steve Brown used to own in Cleveland) at a Save Deth Movie Premier. Took a black one and traded halves with a green one, has weight rings and such. offer

MFHZ- the only MFHZ i’ve seen like this, comes with a spider web print on it. looking for around 20

Takeshi Painted, modded, and signed FHZ- blue/grey, one side pad recessed, the other siliconed, got it autographed at a Indy bi-monthly meeting(not sure if those are still happening or not?). signature starting to come off a bit, played with it the rest of the day then got in the car and said “oh crap” when i looked at it. looking for around 30

Black -w- White Caps Modded FHZ- Been Silicone Recessed, shmoove ring added, not sure who modded it for me(if you remember doing this one for me, step up and take credit, really good job, really clean and a really smooth throw) needs siliconed and one of the caps is cracked. looking for around 20

FHV’s(free hand Vaders)-

Next is Black -w- Green Caps- Great Condition, no marks i can see. looking for around 25


Train Wreck(blue/yellow) $#- mint bought it cause i wanted to know how it played, didn’t like it that much, forgot i had it, found it in a case i just opened up. looking for around $55

2nd one is blue -w- black caps, amazing player, couple of knick’s and scratches from normal use. looking for around 20

SPYY Addict(the green one)- only visible damage i can find is a small ding on the rim. looking for around $55

Pyro # 1595- plays smooth, damage on rims. Looking for around 35 SOLD

401k- was originally gun metal grey, looks like someone polished it at one point. looking for around 40 SOLD

also have a custom made case, old briefcase i found, luke vader cut out the holes in the foam for me. holds 24 yos. looking for around 15 SOLD

got a Hyper yoyo strong box, covered with stickers (YYF, Save Deth, Shoparooni, and a superman) think i still may have all the foam inserts for it. looking for around 25

have more pic’s upon request.

i’m on a couple differnt forums with good standing feedback on them, so if you are weary, please feel free to send me PM and i will link you my feedback.

thanks for looking


PGM back up, looking for around 25 for it. Custom case is pending.



trying to move these ASAP, send offers if your interested in anything, willing to work out deals np

(yoyo jake) #4

i have a xconvict for trade, trade for a fhz?


pm’d, thanks for the interest



bump 401k gone
package deal updated.

offer if interested.


I got dibbs on the Spyy. Do you have more pics for me? Just PM me please.


couple things pending until i receive “payment”

package deal updated.


everythings still up
offer if interested.

(system) #25