FS:duncans, buzzons, clessiah/black nova, weight rings, stuff

everything is straight $5 shipping, paypal accepted. mostly used but great deals
only looking for a genesis, echo, or spyy pro for trades. looking for full size and wide for 5A


NIP 2004 MER, Nats and Worlds FHZ MIP. super rare. nats and worlds are $20 each, MER is $25 with a steve brown signed sidecap

2 YYJ patriots: unmodded, great for experiments. $5 each

buzzon nemesis. red, small SPR. $10

buzzon bushido: recessed small SPR, neon green/yellow. $15

2 duncan hayabusa: pink/black rims. $8

purple metal zero: rare color, $10

yyj clessiah and black nova: i do NOT want to get rid of these but i have to in order to get something new. ultimate collectors yoyos, signature yoyos of the legendary tomonari ishiguro (black). $30 each


takeshi sticker modded FHZ. dual sided pad recess with gold bearing, $25

2 silicon/satin luke vader FH2. blue and green $15 a piece

other random stuff to sell :D----------------------------------

yyj top-dog spin top, very used with a decent crack on one side. plays great but a decent drop on a hard surface could potentially wreck it. $5

many, many weight rings. included are element x, menehune, xcon, shockwave2/3, bushido and plenty of fh2 rings. $2 a pair

henrys beach diabolo. no hand sticks or string, $5

FHZ halfs: i have tons of halfs if you want to get into modding. better than buying a new yoyo and messing it up. $2 each

other stuff--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

used copy of MW3 for xbox: just dont care for it, sits in its case all day. $30

black ops controller: used, comes with an fps freek attachment. $18

thanks for looking,

desperation bump

Any pics of any of the unmodded fhzs??


revived with better prices/more stuff. pics soon.

just really really trying to get something decent

sorry for a second bump, but pics added. rest soon