5a starter....


So I’m getting a new throw tomorrow. It’s a YYJ Classic. Just wondering were the best place to start will be? Any help would be great


The first few tricks here on YYE are really helpful and useful for starting 5a.


start here and u will stay there for long :stuck_out_tongue:


I got a Yoyojam Classic today because I thought I would end up doing 5a on it, but it hurts my hand to much.

I ended up just using my PSG instead.

Also, go on youtube. Go to Miguel Correa’s Channel. He has the best 5a tutorials ever.


I got my classic today and it is a lil awkward for sure. But I’m staring to get the hang of it. Just have to watch more vids.


I have a classic and i modded it which you can ask me how to its quite easy and cheap and i used it for 5a but i stopped using it because i had trouble getting good throws in because it was too big so i took my yyf velocity which is a smaller throw for cheap and im using that its easier to get a good throw in but i love my modded classic for 1a


How did you mod the classic???


You can’t “Mod” it.

You can simply upgrade the inferior internals such as:

Change out the Half Bearing for a Wider Bearing
Change the Black O-rings for CBC Pads.


Will the classic accept silicone like monkey snot


Yep Monkey Snot works great.

But you have to change the bearing if you want unresponsive play.


Yea I changed the bearing to a flat speed bearing I had…also changed to response to the spare pads that came with my dv888 but I prefer monkey snot over pads any day of the week.


Yep you’re set to go.

Sounds good to me