5A adventures...

i’m planning to buy a flying squirrel…← i like it because it’s cute & cheap d(~O_O~)b
is it ok for starting freehand?
flying squirrel or freehand zero.
which is better???

I thought you said you don’t have money for a yoyo. Anyways, don’t get duncan. Unless you’re rich. You’ll have to replace 2 friction stickers a day if you play like me. Get YYF Velocity?

well,as I do agree with bryant I think they are ok yoyos,especually their flying squirrel and FH0.if you want one get one,I love mine for string tricks too,and FH0s are even better,get whick one you like. :wink:

yes i dont have…
that’s why i said im PLANNING!.
i’ll save money.i have relatives in north america.
ones the yoyo i got, then i’ll pay them using my saved money and pay thru wide transfer (much better if it is FREE!) hahahahahahahahah