flying pana and flying squirrel or freehand zero?

hi there! :slight_smile:

i’m having trouble with desideing witch yoyo should i buy: a (flying panda and squirrel) or a (freehand zero)
is the fh0 better then fs? how much better? why is it better? witch has the longer sleep time?

Okay, the flying panda is mainly for offstring. You can use it for 1A, but yeah. It alll depends on what size yoyo you like. If you like big, get the Flying Panda. If you like medium, get the FH0, and if you like small, get the Flying Squirrel.

okay, looks like you misunderstood me. i want to buy the FP and FS together or just the FH0

I personally think you should get a fh0 because it can easilly be modded when you get better and it is a yoyo that will grow with you as you advance.

I didn’t misunderstand you, I think it’s the other way around. You want the panda and the squirrel or the FHZ. I said it depends on what yoyo size you like. If you want a big and a small get the panda and squirrel. If you want a medium, get the FHZ.

i have another question…
FH0 or Journey? and can you play with the FH0 without the friction stickers?

you can change it to silicon

you cant play it with out the stickers becase it will have very loose binds

you could change it to silicone but you would need modding skills because you need to recess it