54 Vs. 888x?


Oh antwan, good to see your still looking.

I’ve owned a 54 and a 888x. I have since sold the 888x and still have the 54.

Get the 54


54, no doubt.

Finally a yoyo that you all agree on. K getting that.

Just wondering… Why do you think the 54 tops the 888x?

Well, seriously, look: There are somethings that just can’t be described. Just like why do cats and dogs mostly hate each other? Why did my mother give birth to a boy and not a girl?

But there are some main reasons I can say at the top of my head:
It comes with a 10 ball bearing.
Side Effects Axle System
Can have adjustable weight and play



It’s a matter of preference of you’ll ask me.

Hmmm… I guess sooner or later I’ll just try both…

I own both, the 54 is so much more smooth, the ten ball baring really helps with smoothness, but the side effects make for a smoother throw also. The finish on the 54 is more smooth as well. Hubstacks are really over-rated anyway.

Definitely 54.

you can get th RSM attachment. which is WAY better than YYF hubs. and i personally see the undersize as more of a con

i like the feel of the 888x very smooth i like undersized. mainly bought it cause of the stacks that i never use looks funny with them removed to. there noisy but wish i woulda bought something undersized that price range without stacks.

I’d choose the 54 any day. Smooth, low walls for easier horizontal tricks, plays lighter than the 888x too.

Right… Most of you chose the 54. I think it’s best I czn get for a $100

Its Not Like The Best Yoyo To Get for 100 $ cuz its all about preference though its freakin awesoem i would rather get a c3 winning bird or something but this is just me cuz i like V shaped yoyos better :wink: