54 or Code 2

I want to buy my first one drop and don’t know which to get. I love my 67g chief and my canvas. I am a fast, but also fluid on some of my own tricks. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Havntplayed a 54 but I have a code 2 and I’ve played a chief. While the code 2 is an AMAZING throw, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who likes to play fast. It’s just such a weighty throw its ment to be smooth and slow. If you’re looking for some thing light and fast (that I believe would match your style better) I recommend a dietz.

I own a 54 and I really like it. I’ve got first hand experience comparing it to a Canvas and I would say they are quite similar in diameter.

I haven’t played a CODE2 but the main differences in specs that I am noticing is the gap width. The 54 is 4.34 vs the CODE2 at 4.85. I dont think any of your CLYWs have a gap as wide as the CODE2 so you might find the code2 to be more of a unique experience there.

The 54 is super smooth and natural shaped, the code2 has those ridges.

Also the 54 is nearly the same diameter and width of the Canvas so again, the larger code2 is going to be more of a unique item in your collection.

Personally I am waiting for the CODE3 to come out before I buy my next throw which will either be CLYW or a CODE2/3.

The CODE3 is a community created trick. I think they wrapped that up a while ago.

It’s still going, but yes, the CODE 3 is indeed a trick rather than a throw.