$50 Yoyo?

So I just recently won the random post in the Gentry Stein Trivia contest! I had $35 to spend plus the extra $15 I won. Any good $50 yoyo?

Yeti 2 is good just not 50 dollars it’s 30. You could get the yeti and a skyva

You should buy a lottery ticket or something man haha

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I know right! He is on fire!

These should be your numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42

Shutter for $45 or Kilter 2 for $30. I think the Shutter plays a tad better but it’s just a little too heavy in my opinion. I like the Kilter 2 a lot, can handle everything, very versatile and pretty swift.

Lottery ticket would be a good idea too :wink:

Marquis goes on sale Sept. 9th. With your luck you could potentially walk away with a titanium. LOL


Plastic yoyos:
Replay Pro
Yeti 2

Metal Yoyos:
Czech Point
New Barracuda
Aluminum Dream
Aviator 2 (if you add $2)
Dogma (if you add $2)
Too Hot (if you add $2)

Air Dive

It all depends on what you like. All of the options I have listed are awesome yoyos. I highly recommend choosing from the list above.

Lol, yeah. I won a Ti Shutter, and an extra $15 by chance. :slight_smile:

Might get the box. But I have school that night and I would need to stay up till midnight cuz I’m EST.

I am gonna buy the marquis tonight. I am hoping to get a Ayame

OneDrop is the right choice

I was hoping for a broken heart or a nickel, but I got a Pink which is really nice, especially with my yellow or orange strings.

Axis mixtape

Shutter, too hot or horizon (personally not a massive fan but I know it’s popular).