50 things you LOVE about yoyoing

Since we’ve had some negativity floating around, I thought it would be nice if we’d reflect on stuff we like. I’ll start…

  1. Really long arm grinds
  1. Meeting many cool people and making many new friends that you would have never met if it were not for yoyoing.
  1. many cool looking and hard tricks you can learn, and when you do learn them you fell accomplished
  1. With a yoyo, there are never-ending possibilities of tricks to perform.

5.When landing a hard trick, knowing that you’ve just acomplished something that very few people could.

people asking you to teach them and of course a stress reliever

  1. The first time you try a new yoyo style.

  2. Trying a new yoyo, that you have never even seen in person before.

  3. Your first successful mod.

  1. The feeling after you do a freestyle at a yoyo comp, and you know you nailed it.
  1. When you get a new yoyo you love.
  1. Yoyoing in a store, and catching the attention of a little kid… Then when his mom comes up to get him all pissed off and wondering why he stopped following her she also gets mesmerized by the power of the yo…

  2. The feeling of a smooth rolling bind

  1. Carrying a spare “cheap” yoyo on you, to give to a little kid who is amazed by you.
  1. After a long day, just yoyoig and forgetting about everything.
  2. The feeling you get when people are watching you and they admire your skills.
  3. Learning new tricks.
  4. The uniqueness and amazement of it.
  1. when you procrastinate on your 7 page research paper thats due the next day because your trying to land a new trick
  1. doing revelutions 8)
  1. Listening to my bearing’s sound.
  2. Finally landing that laceration you could never get.

Figuring out new crazy things to do with it…

Sharing those new crazy thinds